Writing Credits

Deadly MatesWritten for the North Wales Road Safety Group, Deadly Mates was aimed at secondary school students and was a multimedia theatre show that aimed to educate and empower students to say no to getting into a friends car when they suspect they may be under the influence of alcohol.
Red's Fairytale AdventureWritten as a non-seasonal pantomime, the musical play is a funny romp stamping its way firmly through many different fairy tales. The now grownup Red, aided by her pet Pekingese Norman, must make their way through the forest to the Prince's ball but it seems everyone is out to stop them, including a disgruntled relative of the famous cross-dressing wolf.
Mr Anderson's storeA one act play centred in an American jail cell. Two brothers, having bungled a robbery of the local store, reflect of their current predicament and their lives so far. This comedy explores the many problems with the father-son relationship and how different the experience can be, even for two brothers.
Titanic TalesA one act show set aboard the fateful liner. Examining the lives of several different groups of people and how seriously they take the disaster as its happening.
The DoorwayA short film set between life and death at the doorway to the afterlife. Deakon, a middle aged, kind hearted thug tries to understand what's happened to him and if he can make things right before it's too late.